Monday, January 04, 2010

January 2010 Events

Tuesday, January 12 between 9 AM and 3 PM
Fort Collins Symphony educational concerts at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins!

Saturday, January 23 at 7:30 PM
Boulder Philharmonic concert featuring Bach, Beethoven and Brahms!

Thursday, January 28-30

Oklahoma State University presentations, including a Freelancing Seminar at 8 PM on Thursday, January 28 and recital titled "Telling Stories in Music" at 2:30 PM on Saturday, January 30. The recital features compositions that incorporate story telling elements such as narration, programmatic themes, and literary inspiration. All works were composed in the last 50 years! A reed making class for oboists will take place at 3 PM on January 29. Many thanks to Prof. Celeste Johnson for hosting these events!

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